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The Streetlight International story began in 2019 when we sought to create an organization focused on helping skateboarders in need.

Our team met each other through our common interest in skateboarding. It truly played such a big role in each one of our lives, and with that being said, we owe so much to skateboarding and our communities.

Streetlight Intl Portrait - Jono.jpg
Jono Painter

With a last name such as "Painter" subjects one to be artistically inclined. Jono serves as our Creative Control Director.


Will Nelms

Currently an active member of the U.S. National Guard, Will plays a key role on our team at the Administrative Director position.



Edgar Hernandez

As our bilingual translator and brand ambassador, Edgar plays a major roll in our international operations.

Streetlight Intl Portrait - Tyler.jpg
Tyler Willis
Streetlight Intl Portrait - Terence.jpg
Terence Williams

Co-Founder and Executive manager. Terence works directly with our community outreach program.

As Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Streetlight International, Tyler instills honesty and integrity into every facet of our organization.




Team Photographer. Wardo provides quality content.


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